“It’s about more than just meeting industry compliance”

Our operations expose us to various risks, some of which are common to others in our industry and some of which are unique to our operations. By taking the necessary steps of our goal of ZERO incidents we have been able to mitigate risk.

Rangeland Truck and Crane reinforces its commitment to safety and the fostering of a safety culture in our organization with an incentive program that encourages teamwork, hazard identification, and control. Our commitment to safety is a genuine commitment to the welfare and success of all our employees.

We feel that promoting a workplace that can be free from injuries, equipment damage and negative environmental impact has a direct correlation to performance and financial results.

We continuously track and monitor the structured frequency statistic also known as TRIR which serves to benchmark our successes. We continue to make safety a Priority and embrace this commitment at all levels of our organization.

Rangeland values the scrutiny of our external audits and happily adopts action plans for continuous improvements.

D. Medd, President, Rangeland Truck and Crane

Participation in the following organizations reflect safety practices that exceed industry standards.

Safety Certifications

Professional Driver Improvement Courses endorsed by the Alberta Motor Transport Association

Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training for Boom Truck Operators

H2S Alive, Transportation of Dangerous Goods and WHMIS

Certificate of Recognition for Large Employers